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Staying Healthy and Hydrated this Ramadan

Staying Healthy and Hydrated this Ramadan

At sunrise on the first day of Ramadan, 1.8 billion Muslims all over the globe began their spiritual journeys toward a renewed sense of consciousnesses and closeness to Allah. The Holy Month is not only a time of abstinence, but also an opportunity to strengthen relationships with family, friends, and communities. Physically, fasting from dawn to dusk every day can have grave implications for the body, if it is not done in a healthy way. The importance of proper hydration for the basic functions and performance of our bodies is immeasurable. People can survive without food for weeks but without water for only a few days. Therefore, during the Holy Month, you must ensure that you hydrate as well as you possibly can in order to sustain yourself and function as well as possible. Also, good nutrition is vital! When you can eat, be sure to eat good quality foods that will sustain you for as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy and hydrated this Ramadan…

Team Building – The best Investment you’ll make in 2019

Tug-of-War Team Building

Despite its previous reputation of being the HR enforced, once a year tick, the box activity. Team Building is the most important investment a company can make for its people. It builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication and increases collaboration. Done with a little imagination, team building can be adventurous and enjoyable.  Team Building, doesn’t have […]